We are TEAM TREASURY: a global network of experienced Forex experts, system developers and fund managers who know that the Forex market is unpredictable. Based on this insight we have developed a set of rules and principles that enable consistently successful Forex trading. Our approach is based on two headstones: short-term trading only and combining systems in a Multi-System Portfolio.

We have set up Team Treasury Holding for the global marketing and sales of TEAM TREASURY solutions, including tailor made Multi-System Portfolios and online dashboards for real-time performance monitoring. We have representatives on all continents. Our clients include large corporations, multinational companies, Family Offices and HNWI’s.

We have built a strategic Alliance with the world’s best Fund Managers to leverage TEAM TREASURY’s expertise and offer the best intraday Asset Management solution to the market.


The set of rules and principles that governs our trading strategy is maintained by our own R&D group. Based on these criteria they develop new systems and Multi-System Portfolios.

Assisted by our global partners we continually engage, test and select innovative quants from all over the world. Their systems are extensively tested vis-a-vis our risk and performance criteria before they are commissioned.

To ensure consistent results the Multi-System Portfolios are continually evaluated, ranked and adapted based on performance.

Prior to implementing a Multi-System Portfolio on the client’s account a TEAM TREASURY consultant will engage with the client to define his account profile, including risk limits, leverage and performance targets. Once the portfolio is defined the signals will be sent to the account/broker automatically and executed under the permanent control of TEAM TREASURY’s trading desk.