TEAM TREASURY is a unique concept for intraday Asset Management, in particular, intraday Cash Management. We have developed a low-risk trading strategy that leaves your cash pool intact while trading the currencies at the Forex market within a pre-set risk limit. We configure our systems with a max loss of -0,1% per trade. All Forex positions are closed by the end of the day.

The TEAM TREASURY solution operates on a Managed Account and comes with an online dashboard that enables the treasurer to monitor the company’s total cash position as it is traded real-time. If the treasurer is uncomfortable with the actual trading or overall cash position he may decide to intervene at any time and stop the trading.

TEAM TREASURY does not take over the company’s cash pool or impact its liquidity beyond the normal risk exposure of volatile currencies. Instead, our approach limits the risk to a pre-set level and is set up to generate previously unexpected returns.


Any business trading internationally has to consider how to minimize exchange rate risk. The currency markets are a volatile environment and without an appropriate risk management strategy in place, they can be extremely costly. TEAM TREASURY offers a solution to exchange your currencies in the most efficient way; they can help you determine a cost efficient and effective risk management strategy, and work with you to maximize any upside potential that can be gained.

The savings on the foreign exchange can be used to hedge the intraday trading risk and build up a Margin the bank may require for TEAM TREASURY’s Cash Management.

TEAM TREASURY replaces the traditional role of the bank in the money exchange transaction, and in doing so, we offer a higher level of currency analysis and service not normally found with the banks. We will save you money through commission free transactions and better exchange rates.